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We are a community of monks following the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, living a life of prayer, work, and study. 

Our community is new to the Diocese of Spokane and lives under the authority
of His Excellency Bishop Thomas Daly.


A monk places nothing before the work of God - the recitation of the Divine Office and the offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Devoted to the ancient rites of the Catholic Church, we chant the office in Latin and offer the Mass using the 1962 Missal.


The "lectio divina" or prayerful reading of God's word is the necessary preparation for a life of prayer.  In his rule, St. Benedict wisely provides for the monk's foundation in Holy Scripture and the Fathers of the Church.

Jeweller Working

Manual work disciplines the body, provides for our daily needs, and unites us to God by returning to a simple, natural, and rugged life.  The work of a monk flows from his prayer and leads back to it, and the monk's day gradually becomes one continuous song of praise.

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